Graduate Students

Below you will find a listing of each Aeroelasticity faculty's current graduate students. Please click on the graduate students' names to find out more about them and their research projects!

PhD Students

Kai Kruger Bastos

Research Interests: Kai Kruger Bastos is focusing on the theoretical and computational studies of fluid dynamics phenomena including buffet, flutter and limit cycle oscillations under the advisement of Dr. Earl Dowell.

Maxim Freydin

Research Interests: Maxim is currently taking part in designing a hypersonic flutter experiment of a plate that is affected by static pressure and temperature differentials under the advisement of Dr Earl Dowell. Using linear and nonlinear theoretical models, the plate dimensions are designed to...

Shreyas Hegde

Research Interests: Shreyas is working toward his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University under the advisement of Dr Robert Kielb.He's researching on forced response analysis of embedded compressor rotors.The project is funded by the GUIde consortium

Richard Hollenbach III

Research Interests: Richard is studying Nonsynchronous Vibrations in turbomachinery using a single airfoil in Duke's Low Speed Wind Tunnel.

Michael Lee

Research Interests: Michael is currently researching the nonlinear dynamics of turbulence in the context of model-order reduction. His recent efforts have explored the viability of novel methods of dynamically intuitive modal basis construction

Dani Levin

Research Interests: Dani is researching the application of Volterra Series theory to real-world engineering problems. Specifically, as a practical tool for creating unsteady aerodynamic ROM (Reduced Order  Models) from CFD results for the aeroelastic analysis under the advisement of Dr Earl Dowell

Kevin McHugh

Research Interests: Kevin is a Ph.D. student who's research focuses on deriving solutions to nonlinear equations which govern the deflection and vibration of beams and plates in aeroelastic settings  under the advisement of Dr Earl Dowell

Matthew Tedesco

Research Interests: Matthew is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University. He graduated from the University of California at Davis in 2014 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, receiving highest honors and departmental citations....

THRUST Masters Students

Sivanand Devarakonda

Research Interests: Sivanand is currently working on design and development of the LASCADE project through computational techniques.   LASCADE is a linear compressor cascade test rig to be developed at Duke University wind tunnel test facility in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology...

Yann Dreze

Research Interests: Yann is a graduate student currently working on experimental Non-Synchronous Vibrations. His focus is to determine the unsteady forces in the lock in region of a NACA0012 blade at high angles of attack. The analysis is done in the Fourier domain in an attempt to separate the...

Bas Grootnibbelink

Research Interests: Bas is a graduate student working towards his M.Eng. in mechanical engineering. In collaboration with the Leibniz University Hannover he is currently investigating computational modeling of non-synchronous vibrations for turbomachinery applications. This is being done to build...

James Matthew Hardy

Research Interests: Cavitation plagues turbopump implementation by introducing inlet blockage and dynamic instabilities. Inducers are a useful tool to control this undesirable phenomenon. In collaboration with rocket engine startup Ursa Major Technologies, a water-flow test rig is being developed...

Anil Mohan

Research Interests: Anil is working on the Calibration of pressure transducers to be used in the LASCADE project. LASCADE is a linear compressor cascade test rig to be developed at Duke University wind tunnel test facility in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden to study the...

Davide Di Nubila

Research Interests: Davide works on a project supporting the Duke electric vehicles team. He's working on validating present and future CFD results and also developing a cooling system for the cockpit. Duke Electric Vehicle is one of the most outstanding automotive application in the university...

Daniele Vasselli

Research Interests: Daniele is currently working on the development of a numerical model for Wind Turbines drive trains. The goal is to embed the developed tool into a simulation software

Yuhan Wang

Research Interests: Yuhan is currently working on the relationship between the shock wave position and compressor blade flutter in the transonic flow field, the project is under the advisement of Dr. Kielb.  

Visiting Scholars

Oier Jauntsarats

Research Interests: Oier is a graduate student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and University of Liege, currently at Duke university as visiting reasearcher. He is working on experimental Non-Synchronous Vibrations  with special  focus on the design and development of an aeroelastically...

Martina Lomele

Research Interests: Martina is a graduate student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the University of Liège, currently at Duke University as visiting researcher. She is working on experimental Non-Synchronous Vibrations in order to determine the unsteady pressure around a circular cylinder...