Graduate Students

Below you will find a listing of each Aeroelasticity faculty's current graduate students. Please click on the graduate students' names to find out more!

Donald B. Bliss

Keye Su

Keye is a Ph.D. student under Dr. Donald Bliss in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at Duke University. His research deals with the wake shielding problem on wind farms and aims to improve the average efficiency of wind turbines.

Mauricio Villa

Mauricio Villa is a Ph.D. student in the MEMS department at Duke University advised by Dr. Donald Bliss. 

David Raudales

David researches advanced acoustics with his Ph.D. adviser Dr. Donald Bliss at Duke University. 


Earl Dowell

Dean Culver

Dean currently researches metamaterial and active field control cloaking technologies as well as structural and aoustic analysis through applied nonlinear dynamics.

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Kevin McHugh

Kevin's research focuses on deriving solutions to nonlinear equations which govern the deflection and vibration of beams and plates in aeroelastic settings.

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Kai Kruger Bastos

Kai Kruger Bastos is focusing on the theoretical and computational studies of fluid dynamics phenomena including buffet, flutter and limit cycle oscillations.

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Michael Lee

Michael is currently researching the nonlinear dynamics of turbulence in the context of model-order reduction. The immediate goal is to identify the extrapolative potential of POD-based ROMs such that trends in turbulent dynamics can be identified.


Dani Levin

Dani is researching the application of Volterra Series theory to real-world engineering problems. Specifically, as a practical tool for creating unsteady aerodynamic ROM (Reduced Order Models) from CFD results for the aeroelastic analysis.


Kenneth C. Hall

Matthew Tedesco

Matthew is an NDSEG fellowship recipient and Dr. Kenneth Hall's Ph.D. student. Interested in helicopter aerodynamics, Matthew is pursuing new techniques in computing optimal rotor configurations with the end goal of minimizing power consumption.

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Robert E. Kielb

Zhiping Mao

Zhiping is another former THRUST student that is now working toward his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University.


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