Kevin McHugh

Kevin is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at Duke University. He studies aeroelasticity under the advisement of Dr. Earl Dowell, and his current research explores large, nonlinear deflections of beams and plates. Kevin has derived equations for and developed a new working model of a nonlinear beam with free-free boundary conditions and is currently extending the beam model to a plate model. The plate model may be coupled to an aerodynamic solver to develop a full aeroelastic model. With the support of the SMART Scholarship from the Department of Defense and the team of engineers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Kevin hopes his model may be used to understand the dynamics of aircraft structures such as blended-body wing geometries.

Before arriving at Duke, Kevin graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette College in 2015. As an undergraduate, Kevin introduced the Mechanical Engineering Department at Lafayette to a commercial turbomachinery CFD solver, Numeca Fine Turbo. He later completed an honors thesis on an experimental study of the fundamental structures of turbulence in a transitional boundary layer flow. He also completed an internship with Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 

Although Kevin loves his work, he also loves getting away from it. When not toying with equations or debugging chunks of code, he may be traveling, hiking, climbing, camping, or playing tennis. Kevin is also one of the newest members of the MEMS Graduate Student Committee, which helps organize recruitment events, community service events, and departmental social gatherings.