Keye Su

Keye is a Ph.D. student under Dr. Donald Bliss in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at Duke University. His research deals with the wake shielding problem on wind farms and aims to improve the average efficiency of wind turbines.

Keye received his undergraduate degree from Sun Yat-sen University in 2011 and master degree from Duke University in 2013. His research work ranges from thermal science and heat transfer to fluid mechanics and structure dynamics. His current work involves the downstream wake and velocity simulation for wind turbines.

In personal time, Keye is a soccer enthusiast. He plays soccer every week and enjoys being active in the intramural soccer league. He is also an avid reader for history books and fictions.

Graduate Research Topics

  • Rotor vibration reduction: This research explores the possibility of applying Multi-Element Multi-Path (MEMP) design with various boundary conditions to reduce rotor vibration.
  • Tipped axis wind turbine design: This research explores the possibility of improving wind energy harvesting efficiency on large wind farms by tilting horizontal axis wind turbines.