Undergraduate Students


Santiago Brito

Research Interests: Santiago is conducting research focused on learning the behavior of cantilever plates as prototypes of a wing undergoing buckling. He started doing research in the Fall of 2021 and continues to collect and analyze data of the linear and nonlinear behavior of the plate under a...

Santiago Brito is a senior from Miami, FL studying Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering at Duke University. Outside of classes Santiago is involved with Duke’s AMA Club and is part of the structure and simulation team where he works on designing and building drones to race competitively. He also likes to rock climb in his spare time.  


Oliver Gibson

Research Interests: Oliver is researching the effects of torsional loads on the bending, buckling, and dynamic behavior of a cantilevered plate. In spring 2021, he designed and constructed a testing rig to experimentally collect plate displacement data. He is continuing this work into the summer of...

Oliver is a senior from Boston, MA studying mechanical and aerospace engineering at Duke. Outside the lab, Oliver is the aero and structures lead for the Duke Hyperloop team and launches high powered rockets as the propulsion lead for Duke AERO. He races competitively on the Duke Men’s Club Rowing team and enjoys weight training, hiking, chess, and cooking.


Jared Gudino

Research Interests: As a new member of the Linear Cascade team, Jared is working on the design and manufacturing of motion system components for compressor blade oscillation during wind tunnel testing.

Jared Gudino is a senior from Manhasset, NY studying Mechanical Engineering. He also works on the Motorsports team, eNable Prosthetics club, and is the Treasurer of Duke MMA. In his free time, he enjoys camping, weightlifting, and chess.


JD Inge

Research Interests: As a member of the aeromechanics and CFD team, he is working to improve mistuning studies. Utilizing an in-house code to perform mistuing studies and data from computational fluid dynamics simulations, JD is working on predicting the behavior of rotor blades due to slight...

JD Inge, originally from Superior, Colorado, is a junior at Duke University studying mechanical engineering with an aerospace certificate. Beyond research, he is involved with Duke AERO building competition rockets and expanding aerospace opportunities for students.


Chris Knotek

Research Interests: Chris is researching the effects of torsional loads on the bending and buckling modes of a vertical cantilever plate. In Summer 2021, he joined the lab and helped redesign and build a test setup to measure the displacement and buckling of cantilever plates. He is continuing the...

Chris is a sophomore from Chapel Hill, NC and is studying mechanical and aerospace engineering. Outside of research, he is a member of Duke AERO and enjoys running, cooking, and being outdoors.


Isabelle Sanz

Research Interests: Isabelle is performing post-processing of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation data of a three-stage turbine. By Fast Fourier Transforming unsteady pressure data from various rotors, stators, and casing positions, she will help identify potential Nonsynchronous Vibration...

Isabelle Sanz is a sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina, studying mechanical and aerospace engineering at Duke University. Besides research, Isabelle is involved with the Duke Hyperloop team as a propulsion and levitation lead and the Duke Undergraduate Energy Club and spends her free time creating art. 


John Smalley

Research Interests: Research Interests: Having joined the LASCADE team in fall 2021, John is leading the final development of the LASCADE module, notably the integration of mechanical and pressure analysis components into a single piece of control software.

John is a Junior from Nashville, Tennessee, studying mechanical and aerospace engineering. Beside research, John is the structures lead for Duke AERO and also worked with Duke eNable to develop a prosthetic leg for a dog. In his free time, he loves hiking, gaming, and watching good movies.”


Vincent Wang

Research Interests: Having joined the LASCADE team in fall of 2021, Vincent will be working on developing the unsteady pressure measurement system for the LASCADE test wing by calibrating pressure transducers and investigating their interaction with the data acquisition setup used by the team.

When not working, he also works as a member of the Duke Robotics Team, as part of the mechanical team designing an enclosure for their AUV. He also enjoys exercising and coding during his downtime.