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Welcome to the Aeroelasticity Group at Duke

The Aeroelasticity research group uses computational and experimental methods to provide fundamental understanding of a diverse range of aerospace problems, with aims to better understand the physics involved and develop new methods and technology. Acoustics, Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity and Aeromechanics are the 4 A's or Four Aces of the aerospace engineering program at Duke University. The methods developed are largely based on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural dynamics with applications to aircraft engines, helicopter rotor dynamics, aicraft structures in a wide variety of flow environments including hypersonic flow fields.

Aeroelasticity can be broken down into three main "legs" of "Collar's Triangle", which can be seen below. Various phenomenon that are studied in this lab can be seen both in Collar's Triangle, and in the Campbell Diagram below, such as flutter, buffeting, nonsynchronous vibrations, and forced response.


Please visit the research pages to learn more about projects being conducted in the laboratory. Also visit faculty and student pages to learn more about our members.

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