Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students


Sanjeev Chauhan

Research Interests: Sanjeev is performing Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations aimed at exploring buffet in transonic flow. Buffet is often explored with the Navier-Stokes equations, but those are computationally intensive. On the other hand, the Euler Equations, which are less computationally [...]


Sage Cooley

Research Interests: Sage is researching 3-D printed cylindrical shell buckling under the mentorship of Dr. Lawrie Virgin. Her recent findings can be found in the following article: 3D-printing and cylinder buckling: challenges and opportunities. She is currently studying multi-walled shell [...]


Alison Korn

Research Interests: Alison joined the Aeroelasticity Group in the spring of 2023 and is working under Dr. Dowell and Luisa Piccolo Serafim to analyze the effects of various aerodynamic profile shapes on the aeroelasticity of a folding wing. From performing hammer impact tests on wing skeletons to [...]


Josh Kramer

Research Interests: After joining over the Summer of 2023, he has spent time working on a variety of projects under Dr. Dowel’s research group. With the group, he has performed redesigns and new instrumentation for the campus wind tunnel, emphasizing vibration-reduction and control speed. Further [...]


Derrick Roseman

Research Interests: Derrick conducts research in the field of transonic buffet. He generates airfoils with different geometries and then uses Computational Fluid Dynamics to explore the effect of airfoil geometry on transonic buffet. Derrick has been in Dr. Dowell's research group since Summer [...]


Isabelle Sanz

Research Interests: Since joining the group in Summer 2021, Isabelle performed post-processing of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation data of a three-stage turbine in search of nonsynchronous vibrations. She continued researching these vibrations, as well as the lock-in phenomenon, with [...]


Chloe Smithen

Research Interests: Chloe joined the Aeroelasticity Group under Dr. Dowell in the fall of 2022 to support undergoing research on assessing the pressure distribution behavior of an airfoil and other various geometries. She has spent the past year primarily designing and testing a cylindrical [...]