Rotor Vibration Reduction Using Multi-Element Multi-Path Design


Rotor blade vibration reduction has become an important consideration in aerospace engineering, turbomachinery, automobile engineering, etc. In the design of rotorcraft and wind turbines there is always a need to reduce the rotor blade vibration to maintain the stability and operational life of the whole structure.

Multi-Element Multi-Path Design (MEMP):

The approach to be explored in this research to solve vibration problem is the multi-element multi-path (MEMP) structures that inherently suppress vibration. The following figures show the evolution of this concept on helicopter rotor blades.>

Cut-off for a Beam on a Suspension

Wave Reflection at Boundaries

cutoff suspension
reflect fixed



Elastic coupling
design for rotor blades

Some Results:

Simulation results suggest that the MEMP design has huge capacity to reduce the hub vibration. Important factors that affect such vibration reduction include the elastic coupling , bending stiffness and mass of the structure. But the large relative deflection between the two beams, conceptualized as an internal spar and airfoil shell, remains a problem for further study.

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