Graduate Students

Below you will find a listing of each Aeroelasticity faculty's current graduate students. Please click on the graduate students' names to find out more about them and their research projects!

PhD Students

Ian  Eldridge-Allegra

Ian Eldridge-Allegra

Research Interests: Ian is interested in the study of aerodynamic and aeroelastic instabilities, particularly buffet, primarily by applying computational approaches.

Luisa  Piccolo Serafim

Luisa Piccolo Serafim

Research Interests: Luisa is currently developing her research topic, but she is interested in studying the multidisciplinary perspective on aeroelastic phenomena and the different sciences involved, and how to properly assess them on an aircraft structure.

Masters Students

Ryne  Wang

Ryne Wang

Research Interests: Ryne’s current role in Aeroelasticity group is to study unsteady pressure measured from upper and lower surface of the airfoil, and help analyze data obtained from experiments in both LASCADE AND NSV research group, therefore understand the principles behind induced...