Duke Aeroelasticity Group goes to 2015 ASME Turbo Expo!

July 25, 2015

Dr. Robert Kielb recently accompanied three of his PhD Students to the 2015 ASME Turbo Expo Conference, the largest and most prestigious technical conference on turbomachinery.

Of note, students Jing Li (left) and Fanny Besem (right) of Duke collaborated with colleagues from Purdue and Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery on a presentation entitled “Turbomachine Aerodynamic Interaction and Forced Response.” Afterward, Dr. Kielb related that in addition to excellent engineering, the presentation was history-making for the conference, "This is the first time in 60 years that all presenters of a session were female!”

Women in Turbomachinery

Dr. Kielb's 3rd PhD student, Joshua Waite, also presented his research at the Turbo Expo. His paper and presentation entitled, "The Impact of Blade Loading and Unsteady Pressure Bifurcations on Low-Pressure Turbine Flutter Boundaries", was well received by attending industrial and acadameic entities alike! For his future research, Joshua intends on developing new design criteria for flutter in low-pressure turbine blades. This will require combining his research presented in Montreal with new concepts like mode shape dependencies for shock structure evolutions like the one seen below. 

Shock Flutter Influence