Dominick Scialabba

Dom is currently a 4+1 graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering and Material Science department at Duke University. In his undergraduate career, Dom pursued a major in mechanical engineering, a certificate in aerospace, and a minor in physics but, even before then, Dom was enamored by the mysteries and mechanics of the world. He has performed fluid mechanics research on high-speed, laser-induced cavitation dynamics and chemical research on heavy-metal water contamination near coal-ash ponds and paraben concentrations in fast-food. Producing devices from autonomous hybrid-electric sUASs for search and rescue, to corona ozone generators for the sterilization of crops, to self-sustaining solar planes for surface mapping, Dom has eagerly applied lessons learned inside and outside the classroom to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Outside of jobs, school, and research, Dom loves origami, astrophotography, gardening, and woodworking.  

Research Interests

Under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth C. Hall, Dom is performing research on optimal propellers with specific focus on increasing propulsive efficiency by altering tip geometries. With the intent to change the way we think about propeller design, Dom uses computational models and wind-tunnel experimentation to investigate the merit of unconventional propellers.

Dom is interested in research in a great number of fields in addition to aerodynamics (acoustics, additive manufacturing, astrophysics, compliant mechanics, controls, deployable mechanisms, renewable energy, robotics, structures, vibrations, etc.). Currently, he works with Dr. Hall to examine the optimality of unconventional propellers.”