Matthew Hawkins

Engineer,Lockheed Martin

Matt was a second year Master of Engineering candidate from Yarmouth, Maine, USA. His experience at Duke largely aims to bridge the gap between engineering challenges and creative business opportunities. His specific work with the Aeroelasticity Group was motivated by a desire to contextualize aeromechanical inefficiencies for healthier and safer airline operations.

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Research Interests

Experimental Study of Non-Linear Flutter Dynamics for Gust Excitation on Finite Wing

In his first role within the Aeroelasticty group , Matt supported wind tunnel testing of thin-plate aeroelastic properties by modification of an existing 50 m/s wind-tunnel apparatus. The goal was to better understand oscillatory changes of the thin plate in steady flow due to high and low frequency gust excitation. After testing across a host of parameter changes, we were able to experimentally correlate high-frequency gust generation with flutter suppression through a non-linear mathematical model that built off of the previous theoretical work by Dr. Earl Dowell.  

Matt is currently working at Lockheed Martin Aircraft corporation