Ryne Wang

PhD student, University of Notre Dame

Ryne is a second year Master’s student in the Mechanical Engineering and Material Science department with Aerospace Graduate Certificate at Duke University. Prior to his graduate career at Pratt, Ryne graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics–Aeronautics, with a minor in Physics. During his undergraduate studies, he participated in a senior design project that designed the a space shuttle from structural mechanics to flight path design, including taking off, orbiting and landing. He also had research experience in Carbon nanotube synthesis and fabrication, including studies in its mechanical properties.


  • B.S. in Engineering Mechanics–Aeronautics, 2020

Research Interests

Ryne’s current role in Aeroelasticity group is to study unsteady pressure induced by both enforced and shedding motion measured from the upper and the lower surface of the NACA0012 airfoil, in both computational method and experiments. Therefore, to determine the relationship between the two unsteady pressures, and understand the principles behind induced nonsynchronous vibrations that could cause wing and turbine failure.