Wentao Ma

PhD Student,Virginia Tech

Wentao is a Master of Science student in the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (MEMS) department at Duke University under the advisement of Dr. Robert Kielb and Dr. Kenneth Hall. Before coming to Duke, Wentao studied at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), China. There, he worked on vibration, structural optimization, and fluid mechanics using finite element analysis and CFD. Besides research, Wentao likes to cook Chinese cuisine, watch movies, and workout.

Contact Information

Research Interests

Wentao worked on evaluating the multi-row effects on the aerodynamic damping of rotor blades in a multi-stage compressor. This involved understanding the physics using a frequency-domain Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method with an end goal of being able to design safer jet engines with more reliable aeroelastic stability.

Wentao is currently pursuing his PhD at the Multiphysics Modeling and Computation (M2C) Lab at Virginia Tech