Yifan Guo

PhD student,Purdue University

Research Interests

Yifan Guo worked on modal analysis of plates and shells with different combinations of boundary conditions and geometry shapes through finite element method.

Computational Dynamics of plates

Modal Analysis of Rectangular, Triangular and Circular Plates

In this part, different combinations of boundary conditions for each plate shape were analyzed using finite element method (FEM). The natural frequencies and mode shapes were calculated and compared to existing experimental and theoretical results. The computational results matched all reference results, showing the correctness of FEM on modal analysis of plates.



Additional Point Mass on All Sides Clamped/Pinned Rectangular Plate

An external point mass were added to certain location of two common types of rectangular plates. The natural frequencies thus reduced due to the additional mass. The quantity and location of the additional mass influence the extents of frequency reduction.

Cantilevered Triangular Plate with One Angle cut

The triangular plate with one side clamped and one angle cut were analyzed. The location to cut influences the changing of natural frequencies. Overall, the natural frequencies increase


Triangular Plate with One Side Partly Clamped

One side of the triangular plate is partly clamped in this case. The proportional of the clamped length to the whole side influences the changing of natural frequencies. The natural frequencies decrease when the clamped length shrinks.


Yifan is currently pursuing his PhD at Purdue university